The beautiful, attractive, durable, safe-to-wear and the most trendy silicone wristbands can be seen on the wrists of many. Whether you are in the college, going to market, shopping at a shopping mall or at any big event, you will see lots of people wearing these bands on their wrists. Not only they look great and attract the viewers, but these bands are highly effective for various purposes. It is only due to their exceptional effectiveness for a number of purposes that these bands have become much popular among the people.

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The silicone bracelets can be categorized according to the style they are designed in or according to the purpose they are used for. Let us tell you about the various types that come under these categories.

According to the style

  • Embossed
  • Debossed
  • Ink-filled
  • Imprinted/ Screen printed

According to the purpose

  • Awareness Wristbands
  • Promotional Wristbands
  • Personalized Wristbands
  • In Memory of Wristbands
  • Cancer Wristbands
  • And more

You must be thinking that as the cancer wristbands are a kind of awareness wristbands then why they are categorized separately. Well, there is a reason behind that. Cancer is of many types and awareness about these types is raised in different months. Almost every month is observed as an awareness month for one or more types. So, as the wristbands for its awareness are manufactured on a big level, they are categorized separately. These cancer bracelets are either given to the patients for their identification and supporting them, or are distributed among the people to spread the word about cause, or are just worn to get the attention of others.


Another important thing that you need to know about the cancer wristbands is that they are available in different colors. No doubt that you can customize silicone wristbands in the color you prefer but it is not the reason behind the differently colored cancer bracelets. These are of different colors because a particular color has been chosen for a specific type and same color wristbands are used for its awareness. You must have seen people wearing the wristbands with the tag- silicone wristbands “cancer patients”. If you have noticed, the color of those bands will be different. Well, it is because of the reason that they would be suffering from non-identical cancer types (including breast cancer, bladder cancer, brain tumor, sarcoma, bone cancer, etc.).

There is no need to tell that cancer is a serious cause that is taking the life of millions. To reduce the number of such deaths, there is a need for increased awareness among the people. So, if you are interested in making your contribution to the awareness, supporting the survivors, or in raising funds for them, then you can use the cancer bracelets.

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