When it comes to customizing the wristbands according to your choice, then you get a lot of options including embossed, debossed, ink-filled, and screen printed wristbands. Customers normally get confused to get so many options that which one they should choose for their event. No doubt that all these designs are equally effective but all have their own features which make them unique. And whereas it is the concern related to the selection of a particular style, then it depends on your requirements and the target audience that which one would serve the purpose better.

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Screen printed wristbands, also known as imprinted wristbands are much famous among the users due to their unique features. Whether it is an event related to the children, a big event where you need to make your position among all competitors, a small get-together at your office or you are going to use these wristbands as a gift item, you can rely on these wristbands for getting desired results. Let us tell you various facts about screen printed wristbands.

  • Unlike other styles, the screen printed bands neither have raised nor sunken text/logo. They are just smooth. These bracelets are designed by imprinting the message on the surface of the band in the same way printing on the paper is done.
  • When it comes to design possibilities of the screen printed bracelets, then there are many. You can choose from a range of colors for the bracelet base as well as for the message to be imprinted on it. Thus, it depends on your color selection that how effective you can make these bands. In the case particular color is chosen for the event you are going to use these bands for (like the gray color is used for Brain Tumor), then you must choose that color for the band base. However, you can choose any other color for getting your message imprinted on it.
  • Imprinted wristbands are the best option for the event where you want to get the attention of maximum people. As the right contrast of colors will make your message appear clear from a distance, these bands will help you get the desired results. The imprinted bracelets provide you the full freedom to make them as attractive you want and thus, enable you to get the desired results.

No doubt that all the silicone band styles let you get the desired results, but the possibilities are more with the screen printed wristbands.

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