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Gangs exist across the world. The violent crime streaks sweeping across the world affecting lives of everyone alike is a sad reality. No class of society is safe from it. It kills and destroys everything it touches. Recovering from it is no easy task either.


The problem with a gang is not just the violence, the problem is also with how fast it grows and eats away lives afterlives. Kids are constantly pulled towards violence and gang life, during their school or out in the playground. This world of gangs and violence bring in more than just disruption in social life and brings in guns, drugs, safety issues and fraudulent activities in the lives of kids and teenagers who join these organizations.

During this year’s Gang Prevention Awareness Month let’s try to save lives before they are lost in this turbulence of hate and ignorance. There are several ways by which you can prevent and save them from falling into violent groups of people:

1. Observe:

Observation will help you realize when things are seeming different about your kid. This is the first step of preventing them from joining a gang. There is no single way by which you can know you kid has joined a gang but there are certain things which are exclusive to gang culture. Certain clothing, shoelaces, belt buckle, tattoos, bandanas and hats or caps are associated with gangs. Notice bruise marks and any other scars they are receiving on a daily basis. Gang involvement doesn’t happen on a single night. It takes a while for the kids to fall into such a lifestyle.


2. Talk:

Once your observation points out that your kid could be a part of a gang, realize that you need to talk to them. A lot of kids turn towards gangs to seek recognition which they aren’t getting from their parents. Hence it is important that you talk to your kids on a daily basis and listen to them well. Talk to them if you spot them using gang signs, graffiti marks on their notebooks, unexplained cash or possessions.


3. Affection and sobriety:

Your affection can affect the life of your kid immensely. A child falls into gang activities to find recognition and a feeling of belonging to a place called home. If, as parents, you deprive your kid of this, there’s a high chance of them falling into a bad circle. Your affection also helps keep kids sober and away from drugs. A life that is happy and hopeful will never think of falling into the clutches of drugs. The drug is also a gateway to a violent life of gangs. Hence never be stringent in providing your kids with love and emotions.


4. Educate:

Education and opportunities are the ultimate weapons against gang violence. A life that is given proper education and opportunities to pursue their passions, will never choose a way of violence and let go of the one it has. Someone who is robbed of that loses hope and falls into a self-destructing, depreciating curve. Educating kids about it and providing them with the opportunities in life can significantly reduce the criminal behavior.


5. Aware:

Finally, it is imperative that you aware those around you about the dangers of gang violence. One of the best ways is to wear personalized rubber bracelets to show your support for it. Wristbands are a great way to start conversations and wearing a black wristband can help you start a conversation about our support against gangs and violence caused by them. The part that’s important is to aware people, so get in touch with parents of your kid’s friends, and let them know about your concerns. Keep in constant touch with the school your kid goes to and inform them about the same.


The only way to fight gang violence and promote prevention is by standing out from the crowd and directing their attention towards it. Since wristbands are a great way of doing that, you can make your own wristbands online from websites that let you create personalized bracelets. One of such is this great website called They will let you choose a variety of size, shape, and color and let you make your voice heard in any way you want to by letting you decide the text and the graphics on it too.

So join in the fight today and celebrate Gang Prevention Awareness Month.

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